Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caps for Cancer

So something has been tugging at my heart to giveback but I just wasn't sure how God wanted me to do this. My husband and I have several small companies (we are the uber-entrepreneurs) and I just couldn't see the fit....until Layla Grace. I'm not sure if you have heard about her (if you are in Houston good chances are that you have) but she is a little gift from God that has an amazing story to tell. Layla Grace was a beautiful two year old little girl who gave her all in fighting cancer, Neuroblastoma to be exact. She is an inspiration to many and it is her story that made me know what I can do to help. You can read her family's blog, to find out more about her brave fight (have tissues handy) but it is how she inspired and touched so many that is truly the work of God.

Because of Layla Grace I want to help other Girly Girlz out there that are fighting the brave fight against cancer. Just because these girls may not have hair doesn't mean they aren't still Girly Girlz deep down. I'd like to give away beanies adorned with a flower or bow (your choice) to these beautiful girls!

So here is my problem, I don't know how best to do this...If you know a Girly Girl who would like a beanie please email me at GirlyGirlzBows [at] gmail [dot] com and tell me her story and I will gladly send out a beanie cap for her! Pssst...pass it on! So far I've given out 1 but my goal by the end of 2010 is to give out 100!!!! So I need your help!

Beanies sent to Girly Girlz:

1.  Abigail   Baytown, TX
2.  Kelsey  Richland Hills, TX
3.  Audrianna  Hazelton, PA
4.  Kate Chandler, AZ
5.  Chloe Trenton, TX
6.  Kamryn Humble, TX

Please pray for these beautiful girls as they fight the battle of their lives!

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  1. My daughter has stage IV neuroblastoma just like Layla did. I know alot of little girls with cancer that would Love hats and i can also give you the phone number to our local hospitals child life specialist if you wanted to donate hats to the hospital for them to give out to children on the cancer ward. If you would like to read Audrianna's story and contact me her blog link is Thanks Angel

  2. I love and applaud what you are doing - I recently became a wishmaker with Make-a-Wish and will definately pass on your info if I come across any girls who would be perfect for one of your beautiful beanies.

  3. I just passed on your blogspot to a friend in my Church that does ALOT of work with the ACS- she lost her son (at the tender age of 22) to cancer. She knows the hearts of these families all to well- she is also a cancer survivor.
    We currently have a little Girl on our Prayer Chain- Emily Knerr- that is battling cancer & just this afternoon got her Mom to finish cutting off what hair she had left. Mom reported that she is a bit trauatized right now. At 7, I wonder what little girl wouldn't be. I am hoping that she will email you & tell you Emily's story. Thank you for the wonderful job of LOVE you bestow upon others. :)