Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1 1/2" Crochet Headbands

Colors: Burgundy, Red, Hot Pink, Pink, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Lime, Olive Green, Light Blue, Navy, Lavender, Purple, Black, Silver, White, Ivory, Chocolate

1 1/4" Solid Stretchy Headbands

Colors: Lime, Hot Pink, Pink, White, Red, Yellow, Lavender, Light Blue, Ivory, Chocolate, Black, Pink Polka Dot, Red Polka Dot

Rosette Flower Headbands
2" Satin rosette flower on skinny, stretchy headband
Colors: White, Ivory, Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Apple Green, Chocolate, Black

Marabou Bow Headband
Solid 1 1/4" Headband with Marabou Puff and Infant Bow
Colors: Purple, Hunter Green, Turquoise, Burgundy, White, Lime, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Zebra, White Snow Cheetah

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