Friday, May 28, 2010

Calling all Moms...

I am looking for energetic, outgoing mothers to help me get the word out about my company, Girly Girlz Bows. You would be amazed at where you can find your customers like at church, playgroup, school, work, you name it there are people everywhere who would love Girly Grilz Bows!!!

Earn a commission with every sale; the more you sell the more you earn. I will take care of inventory, shipping, payment processing.  You will be the point of contact for the customer. There is no money required on your part and you will be paid with your first sale! No strings attached, I promise!  Opportunties for a quick start bonus, annual cash prizes based on sales, and referral bonuses too!

You have the option to purchase a sales kit that includes samples of our items for just $20!!!  With the sample kit not only do you get to see our items first hand but you can also show your customers so they will fall in love with them too!

I stand behind my products and have many loyal, returning customers. If you are interested please email me at

Everyone knows someone who has a girly girl, right? :)